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Blog 2

Take your Open House to the next level

Real estate agents, are you planning on holding an open house this weekend? Now that you have a digital open house sign-in app from, you are ready to start lead generating! How can you improve on your open house? Introducing the Tablet Kiosk Give your Open House a very professional look and feel with

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Blog 4

Best Open House Tools for Real Estate Agents 2019

What tools will help real estate agents in 2019? Realtors and real estate agents during the process of listing and selling a home have to become an expert not only for that house, but the entire neighborhood or city. The success of a real estate agent’s business can come down to being able to help and

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Blog 5

Free Real Estate Open House Sign-In Sheet

Your Free Real Estate Open House Sign-In Sheet will allow a realtor or real estate agent to effectively gather basic contact information of the open house attendees. The information you gather then becomes a lead, an essential part of any real estate agents business. Once you generate an open house lead, you can connect with

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Blog 6

OHGuests is getting an upgrade

OHGuests is excited to share this wonderful news with you! OHGuests, the open house management platform and sign in app is getting an upgrade. You’ll have the same great features, but with a more modern and user friendly interface. One of the most requested change was upgrading the user interface and OHGuests has delivered! It’s

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Blog 7

The Only Open House App a Realtor Needs in 2019

The Best Open House App for Realtors Realtors and real estate agents are always looking for a way to upgrade or improve their business. Bringing an open house app is a crucial real estate tool that can enhance an open house attendees experience with the open house process by making the digital sign-in sheet convenient

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Blog 8

Top 5 Apps Real Estate Agents Must Have

What Real Estate Apps must you have? Real Estate agents in today’s housing market need to be on top of the newest technologies that will help them run their business smoothly and efficiently. We’ve put together a list of our favorite apps that are available to real estate agents.  1. GOOGLE APPS Many agents overlook

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Blog 9

10 Reasons to Use a Digital Sign In Open House App

Do you want to upgrade your open house experience for new and potential clients? OHGuests has you covered! OHGuests is an all-in-one open house management platform that includes a beautiful and simple digital sign in sheet for your in coming open house traffic.  Why should you switch to a digital sign in app? 1. SECURITY 

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Blog 10

What is the best Open House app? is more than an open house sign in app. Real Estate is one of the oldest industries of all time, but with newer advanced technologies created every year, the industry has been disrupted many times within just the last couple of years. Agents want the newest and hottest technology that will help them grow

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