Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click on “Start Your Free Trial” tab on top of the website and fill out the initial contact form.

  2. From there you will be directed to the OHGuests Demo page. You can choose to have a quick demo depending on which package you choose from Basic, or Elite packages or

  3. You can just simply start your 7 Day Free Trial immediately by clicking on “Start Trial” button.

*Brokers email or call us for volume pricing on any of the OHGuests packages above 6 or more users on one Company ID.

Yes, you can change your Agent BASIC or ELITE package at any time. Upgrade or downgrade to suit your business needs.

No, and YES (see Exception for Refund below). We do not provide a refund on any month to month packages or months that have been used on annual BASIC or ELITE packages. However, you can sign up for a 7 day free trial on any of the OHGuests packages to “try it before you buy it” and see if it is the right Open House Management Tool platform for your business

If you have chosen and pre-paid for an annual BASIC or ELITE package and if you are not satisfied with the service or product you can still cancel at any time. Keep in mind the first month and months that have been used will not be refunded, no exceptions. If you decide to cancel in the middle of the month, your cancellation will be effective but the OHGuests service and platform will still be available for you till the end of that calendar month.

AGENT BASIC, AGENT ELITE, AGENT PLUS, or BROKER ELITE package has been purchased and the credit or debit card has been charged for a full year. The Agent or Broker then decides after 6 months using the platform it does not work for their business or is no longer an agent or broker and would like to cancel. OHGuests will agree with no questions asked to refund back to the Agent or Broker for the remainder of the unused six (6) months in USD.

No. You can cancel your BASIC or ELITE package at any time, without any cancellation fees. OHGuests services are based on a subscription-based model. You can pay month to month or year to year but you are never locked in a long term contract at any time.

Yes. If you ever decide that OHGuests.com isn’t the best Open House Management Tool platform for your business, you may cancel your subscription anytime before the next expiry date.

Yes, “Your Guests. Your Leads”. You worked hard to obtain leads at your Open House Event. Our platform gives you the ability to export your leads at any time and save them to your hard drive or peripheral device. You can also print your leads by a click of a button. If you need help to export your prospects/leads, OHGuests team members will assist you.

No. The OHGuests platform has been built with the utmost security measures in mind for our clients. No other agent or broker from any organization or in your organization will have access to any of your prospects/leads within the OHGuests platform.

In other words, all prospects/leads are tied only to the agent and their respective broker and only you or your broker can view them as long as you and your company broker that your real estate license is under share the same Company ID. The Company ID will be assigned by your broker to you if they decide to become a client of the OHGuests platform. If your broker does not decide to become a client then no other agent or broker will have access to view any of your prospects/leads that sign in on your OHGuests sign-in pages Tour or Questionnaire during your Open House Event.

Yes. If you are a Broker or a Broker Associate and would like to sign up 6 or more agents under one Company ID, call or email us and one of our representatives will reply promptly.

No. There aren’t any setup fees or upfront cost on any OHGuests packages. (no credit card required to sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial)

No. There are no hidden fees on any OHGuests package.

PWA is also known as Progressive Web Apps. PWA is highly responsive and auto adjusts the layout of the application according to the device. So, whether accessing OHGuests on a mobile phone, tablet, 2in1 Laptop, it will fit any device. PWAs are more secure compared to traditional web apps because they are always served via HTTPS.

Yes. Download our app, sign-in before you go offline though. Our app is available on Andriod, iOS, and Amazon.

Yes, you can share your open house to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin