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Capture Leads

OHGuests digital sign-in platform helps you capture higher quality leads and saves you from deciphering messy handwriting.

1-Click Follow Up Emails

With just one click, send a customizable follow up email to all of your guests. "Increasing your lead generation instantly."

Social Media Marketing

Upload your main image or video of your Open House to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin with one click from OHGuests. Share your main image or a video.


OHGuests is an SSL encrypted platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, safely and securely. "Giving you peace of mind."

Easy to Use

Our easy to use UI (user interface) makes it simple to get started and take advantage of all of our tools.

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Never lose a lead opportunity again! With OHGuests, pen and paper scribble sign-ins are a thing of the past! Your time is your most valuable asset, and OHGuests will save you time so you’re not wasting it by typing up all of your leads and placing them in your CRM. Let OHGuests follow up with your open house guests with one click!

We take great pride in providing you with a robust, intuitive and highly efficient Open House Management platform that gives you the tools to effectively collect and manage all of the necessary information to conduct successful open houses and grow your business. Providing you with excellent customer support and a fully managed implementation experience is part of our DNA.

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