How to Make Collaborating your Open House Easy. 2

How to Make Collaborating your Open House Easy.

The Best Team Open House App.

Have you ever worked on or with a team that made such a simple thing such as covering another agent’s open house but it was made very complicated or confusing?


Working with a team is the same in real estate as it is with any other job or sport. It’s a group of people working together cohesively towards a common goal, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance the teams’ performance. In real estate, you’re working together to sell as many homes as you can while giving your clients the best home buying/selling experience you can.


In real estate, there will be times that you need to help one another. Or take over someone’s planned or assigned open house due to emergencies or bad timing. OHGuests was built for brokers and teams alike so you can work seamlessly together with a touch of a button. With one click, you can let everyone know that you’re checked into the open house.


Just another way to stay accountable with your broker and team. All check-ins are timestamped and any data inputted or modified will be also timestamped. 


Even if you’re an individual agent, you can use our high-tech platform to find someone local in our system and assign an open house to another agent. You can make sure that your open house is in good standing as they check into your open house, which notifies you right when they do.‘s open house management platform might be just the tool you’ve been looking for! A Broker or a team leader can manage all of the open houses in one centralized location.