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Simplify & Automate Your Mortgage
Leads With Co-Marketing.


Grow your local community network and be made known to potential buyers by co-marketing with agents holding an open house in your area.

Capture Leads

When a homebuyer signs-in to your agents open house. Your business info is shown through out our platform including welcome emails, open house invitations.

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Real-Time Notifications

Get real time information in real-time when a buyer is ready to apply for a loan after viewing an open house.


Use your dashboard to track your homebuyer leads who show interest to apply for a loan, be notified when any agent starts an open house, see whenever a new buyer wants to be contacted to apply for a new loan. Powerful analytics available and much more...

More Features. More Automated. More Sales.

How it works…

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Step 1
After you set up your Mortgage Sponsorship account. Fill out your company info, and upload your photo. Customize your sponsorship email section.

Step 2
Start inviting your top agents, and rising agents you want to work with.

Step 3
Your dashboard will provide you with the analytics of how many potential clients your agents have reached with your co-branded platform & welcome emails.

Our Plans

All plans include everything in our Agent Elite plan.
Google Map will be limited to 10 loads per day*

Lite Sponsor

Sponsor up to 5 agents with OHGuests
Open House platform.


Basic Sponsor

Sponsor up to 15 agents with OHGuests
Open House platform.


Elite Sponsor

Sponsor up to 25 agents with OHGuests
Open House platform


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