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New Feature Release Jan 2020

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Never Feel Alone Again During An OpenHouse

OHGuests’ Safety Assure® provides protection when you need it. With today’s ever changing world, personal security is as important as ever and OHGuests understands this. OHGuests’ internal panic button will alert up to 5 emergency contacts in seconds.

Alert & Warning Texts

Geo Tracking

Open House Address

8 Second Recording


First to the market
Built-in safety feature in an Open House Management Platform!

Feel safe and protect yourself from Jeepers Peepers Creepers

Sellers App

First to the Market

OHGuests is the first open house platform to bring the seller and agent together through a seller app.

Messaging Capability

Sellers can communicate directly to their agent.

New Features Jan 2020 1

Email Digest


Sellers get a summary email when an agent checks out of the open house.

Guest List

Seller will also receive a redacted copy of the guest list and will show the questionnaire responses.

More Updates

Custom Questionnaire

Now you can create your own questionnaire to ask or get feedback from your guests when they sign in.

Export Notes

We are always improving our platform, and now notes can be exported with your guests list.

Amazon App

We are now available on the Amazon App store!