Open Houses in 2019: Tips to get attendees to sign your Open House Registry 2

Open Houses in 2019: Tips to get attendees to sign your Open House Registry

How do real estate agents get attendees to sign their open house registry?

Open Houses has always been a great way to meet new potential clients. The possibility of a new lead prospect viewing your open house can be limitless because of the range of different types of clients in the real estate industry. You have a likely chance of meeting new unrepresented buyers, or even possible sellers who have come to see the value of their neighboring homes to see how their home might compare.

Growing your list of possible clients in your database is one of the main reasons you’re holding an open house. Yes, selling that home is definitely a plus, but statistics show that an open house rarely leads to the selling of a home, unlike private showings.


Greet every open house attendee with a warm smile when they come through the door, and have a table set up with your business cards and your tablet with the OHGuests open house registry app ready to go. Ask them to please sign-in so you can show your seller that you are working hard for them. Ask them for their name and start filling out the sign-in form for them. Let them finish the rest. If they are much older or not very tech-savvy, you can fill it out for them.

While they are signing in you can try to tell them a few features of the house that they might not notice immediately with a walk-through. If they came with their kids, talk about the schools and parks in the area. (If you need more information about the local area, we made a great post about apps that can help you here.)


Don’t forget to ask them if they are already working with a realtor. If you have the survey option selected in your OHGuests app, you can select that option for them so you don’t accidentally contact or market to them.


One of the easiest ways to have your open house attendees register on your app is to give them a good reason to. Something that will benefit them is a great way to willfully and happily fill out your open house registry. We recommend getting a fancy sign that will get their attention on the prize. That way no matter how big or small the prize is, they can see its value. As for what prize to offer, we recommend a beautifully wrapped gift basket or even a gift card for gas or Starbucks.


Having an open house attendee sign in the registry is only half the battle. You must also build rapport with them so that when you do reach out to them, they are more willing to open up and work with you. Try not to sound like a salesperson, and try to stay away from the classic elevator pictures. Be genuine and be yourself.