Must Have Real Estate Tools for Brokers in 2020

As the new year quickly approaches, real estate brokers are gearing up and preparing their business for the year 2020. With new real estate tools and technologies coming out every day it seems, it’s always hard to keep up with the latest and greatest real estate tools available for brokers.

Brokers use real estate tools to run their office and business more efficiently, while others use them as agent recruitment tools. Some of the big brokerages charge their agents large monthly technology fees, while others have monthly fees that include their technology fees. Either way, real estate agents usually pay for the tools & technology the brokerage uses.

We put a list together of some of the newer tools that brokers should be using in 2020.

Real Estate Tools for Brokers


Email Marketing – MailerLite
As you’re building your business, some of the best marketing tools used to reach a bigger market are through email marketing. There are quite a few players in the industry for email marketing like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or Active Campaign. In this category, we’ve actually come to like MailerLite, which is great for keeping costs lower as it’s almost 50% cheaper but has many of the same tools the big boys have. I would say it’s even easier to use than Constant Contact. The only downside is that their platform sometimes takes a while to save changes or edit things. But all the features still work great!

Lead Generation

Open House Lead Generation – OHGuests
Brokers can offer their agents the most powerful open house management platform to help them lead generate and automate their open house follow up. OHGuests also has a Broker view mode where you can move open houses between agents and make sure agents are following up with their leads.

OHGuests now has affordable prices for small teams, brokers, and even large brokerages.
For only $49.99 you can have up to 50 agents signed up on OHGuests which is perfect for the average-sized office.
OHGuests also offers a $99.99 package for offices with up to 250 agents. If you need more spots you can get a custom package for your brokerage.

Website – Placester
Every brokerage and agent needs a website to generate leads off of. I still think that Placester is one of the more elegant and professional-looking websites available to agents and brokers. You will still need a designer to make it look unique and bring out your brand, but this is a great place to start without paying a developer thousands of dollars.

Office Management

Backoffice Management – Brokermint
Brokermint is a great back office management tool that helps you run your business. It centralizes and organizes tasks so you can focus on hiring and closing deals. Their core features include Transaction Management, Commission Tracking, and Agent Management.

Their plans include white labeling, reports & analytics, and tons of software integrations.

Email and Much More! – G suite
Google still provides one of the best email systems and they also provide a bunch of tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Jamboards. I would say this is a must for any brokerage offering their own domain email!