Why You Should Use A Survey At Your Open House (Used to sell 30 homes a year) 2

Why You Should Use A Survey At Your Open House (Used to sell 30 homes a year)

Sell 30 homes a year using Surveys at your Open House by Jason Devor

OHGuests has been a game-changer for me and my team. My name is Jason Devor, Broker in CA and real estate agent in NV. I personally close between 25 and 30 deals per year and approximately 80% are listings. From free to paid, I’ve tried it all when it comes to tools and resources. I have found Open House Guests to be one of the best programs currently available.

The industry, in general, has changed and Open Houses (and their purposes) have changed right along with it. Let’s be honest, selling to a complete stranger at an open house is close to zero. But, you are there to get info and build your database and turn them in SOI.

Open houses (in my opinion) are three-fold:

  1. Less stress and planning for your selling client. During the initial launch of a new listing, there is a group of buyers all looking at the same inventory that matches your criteria. Let’s just say 15, give or take a grandma. All of those buyers will want to see that home. By holding an open house as soon as you list it, you give a chance for all of those buyers to enter the home at the same time. This creates less havoc on your sellers while manifesting a sense of urgency for that group of buyers.
  2. Picking up new sellers. You should be door-knocking the homes surrounding the open house before. Some even recommend holding a separate “pre-open house” before your actual scheduled open house. We know those nosy peeps be comin’ into your open house anyways. Give yourself the opportunity to talk with them without distracting you from real buyers. Knock on the door and be candid – “We all know you want to see Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ house, why don’t you come over at 12:40, before the open house starts. I have already cleared it with them, so don’t be shy. Hope to see you there, here’s a flyer” yadda, yadda.
  3. Last, yet probably most importantly would be to capture new buyers. Hopefully, for the home you’re sitting in, but we already covered those statistics (that I completely made up). Using a tool like Open House Guests is crucial. The old-fashioned pen and paper scare people. They’ve learned ‘our’ tricks and know what’s about to happen. But hey, hand them an iPad and they’ll gladly peck away.

Something unique that I started doing was change the “sign-in” to a “survey”. If social media has taught us anything, it’s that people love sharing their opinion…. Am I right? Did you just share your opinion by answering my question in your head?… YES. So here’s what you do.

Open House Survey

Create a custom questionnaire within the OHGuests platform and when coming up with questions, don’t focus on the buyer, focus on your listing. Start with something like, “How did you hear about the open house”, “Rate the home 1 to 5” in the categories of Exterior, Interior, Location, Price, Amenities, Floor Plan, etc. Then at the end, ask for their name and offer an incentive to give their info.

I offer an entry into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. I don’t do the drawing until the home is sold. By offering this, the chances of them giving you their info are really good and the chances of it being correct are even better! And by the way, don’t be cheap and not do the drawing. Giving away $50 is nothing and guess what, these are buyers…. You may even surprise one of them and they may end up using you. Best $50 you ever spent. This method should be used on their way out, not their way in. When they walk in, you should focus on creating rapport, not building a wall by making them sign in (with fake info).

No matter how you dice it, keep doing open houses and most importantly have great tools and resources on your side. Open House Guests will be one that you want in your holster for sure.

Thanks for listening. If you ever have feedback or want to chat, feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Jason Devor