Take your Open House to the next level 2

Take your Open House to the next level

Real estate agents, are you planning on holding an open house this weekend? Now that you have a digital open house sign-in app from OHGuests.com, you are ready to start lead generating!

How can you improve on your open house?

Take your Open House to the next level 3

Introducing the Tablet Kiosk

Give your Open House a very professional look and feel with a tablet kiosk that sits at the entrance of your event. Now your open house attendees will feel like they should sign in and less obligated to.

Agents that have tried a kiosk at their open houses have reported that it’s much easier to have their guests sign in with the kiosk rather than asking them to sign in with a pen and paper.

There are a couple of relatively cheap kiosks you can find online. Here is the one I believe will work best for an open house as it also has a place to put your For Sale flyer. It comes in black, white, or silver.

The other great thing that the kiosk does, is it also locks and secures the tablet. Someone would have to drag the whole kiosk out of the open house and then try and open the lock making it much more difficult to steal and adding another layer or protection for your expensive tablet.