The Only Open House App a Realtor Needs in 2019 2

The Only Open House App a Realtor Needs in 2019

The Best Open House App for Realtors

Realtors and real estate agents are always looking for a way to upgrade or improve their business. Bringing an open house app is a crucial real estate tool that can enhance an open house attendees experience with the open house process by making the digital sign-in sheet convenient and easy. With the OHGuests app, you can seamlessly streamline your lead and sales process by having all of your data at your fingertips which is located in the cloud and can be access securely from any device. 

Why OHGuests is the only Open House App you need

It’s an all-in-one open house management platform.

OHGuests is the most recommended open house app available. It’s more than a digital sign-in sheet, it’s a high tech open house platform that has been purpose-built from the ground up to provide agents and brokers a clear, concise and organized solution to maximize and secure their leads through innovated paperless technology. 

Endless Features

OHGuests is an intelligent and sophisticated platform that eliminates the need for pens, papers, or spreadsheets to track the leads that you have signed into your open house app. 


From start to finish, OHGuests makes the process of signing up simple. You can sign up within minutes, download the app, and start signing in guests. The user experience interface flows together smoothly and creates a pleasing, yet modern presentation to the agent and the open house attendees. Navigation for both the realtor and attendee is straightforward. With OHGuests you can customize the app to your brand’s colors as well.


Realtors can have their open house attendees sign in on their mobile device, tablet, or laptop. Quickly log their name, email address, and phone number. With an ‘Agent Elite’ account, you have the option of having a longer sign-in sheet with a quick questionnaire of commonly asked open house questions. 


OHGuests makes it simple to follow up with your open house attendees with a click of a button they will receive your default custom email which can be customized per open house. 


OHGuests lets you customize your app with your logo, photo, and your brand colors.


Timestamps and user data are captured at any time any data is inputted or modified in the OHGuests platform.


In the OHGuests platform, create an agent profile, set up your credentials to show other local agents your specializations. Allow other agents to sit at your open house for you, and have them ‘check-in’, to manage your open house effectively.


Brokers and agents can download reports directly from the OHGuests open house platform and filter the data they are looking for. They can easily share this with their sellers. 


OHGuests does not sell your data or your leads, it’s securely stored and encrypted so you never have to spend time worrying about the security of your hard-earned prospects.


OHGuests prides itself with some of the best customer services in the industry. We have a dedicated support team available to answer any of your questions. With over 30 years of combined customer service, business development, real estate, marketing, and software development experience. 


You won’t find a more affordable open house app anywhere else. From the Buyers Agent ‘free unlimited agent basic’, to the ‘brokers elite’ account, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Buyers Agents: ‘Free Unlimited Agent Basic’ [Free] will allow you to sign in guests, post to social media and advertise your open house, import and export your leads all for free.

Agents: ‘Agent Basic’ [$4.99 a month] includes everything in the Free Unlimited account, plus open house mapping.

Agents: ‘Agent Elite’ [$24.99 a month] includes all of the features from Agent Basic plus Google Map integration, questionnaire options, notifications, custom filters, custom analytics, and elite support.

Brokers: ‘Brokers Elite’ [$99.99 a month] includes everything available in agents elite PLUS Broker Management Tools, includes up to 5 agents, and of course elite support.

[See pricing page for full comparisons]


OHGuests is the most comprehensive and affordable open house app in the real estate industry with an end-to-end open house management solution that’s unrivaled. Save yourself time and go digital with OHGuests. Never lose a new client opportunity because of messy handwriting.