Top 5 Apps Real Estate Agents Must Have 2

Top 5 Apps Real Estate Agents Must Have

What Real Estate Apps must you have?

Real Estate agents in today’s housing market need to be on top of the newest technologies that will help them run their business smoothly and efficiently. We’ve put together a list of our favorite apps that are available to real estate agents. 


Many agents overlook all of the features that come with Google Apps. It’s not just a great email service. Google apps has many features that come FREE with just having a gmail account. Google Drive can be your best friend, it gives 15GB of free space, much more than Dropbox. A long with Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides you don’t need Microsoft Office. You can use Hangouts to chat with clients or teammates, and you calendar can be synced between all devices. Don’t forget about Google Maps to navigate you to your property showings. Google apps is a must have for real estate agents. 


As we move towards a paperless industry, real estate agent apps like DotLoop are helping make it possible. Dotloop is a transaction management platform to help you keep all of your documents in place and helps you collaborate and have documents digitally signed. That’s why we choose Dotloop as a must have real estate app.


Not everyone can be a marketing and graphic design master. But with the help of Canva, it will look like you have become one. Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool that lets you design beautiful looking flyers, social media graphics, banners, images, and so much more. You can even create infographics with Canva. It’s also Free for agents without a design or marketing team this is a must have real estate app. 


This is an obvious one but it can’t be over stated on how important it is to have a digital signature app available. It’s easy to use and essential to a real estate agent’s business. Through NAR agents can receive a pretty significant discount as well. Don’t leave this one off your phone, Docusign is probably the most important real estate app you could have. 


This one makes the list for obvious reasons, but for those who don’t know what OHGuests is, it’s an all-in-one open house management platform and comes with a real estate agent app available on all platforms. You can use the sign in app to register visitors that come through your open house, follow up with them with one click, and export your list to your CRM in seconds. OHGuests is also great for brokers and teams as it comes with a platform to manage all of your open houses and agents. There are many more features that will prove that OHGuests is a must have app for any real estate agent!