2020’s Top 5 Real Estate Broker Software

Whether you’re running a small or large real estate brokerage, you’re going to need software to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. If you’re part of a franchise or one of the top real estate companies, most of your software has already been chosen, if not provided for you. But if you’re looking for new software to help and recruit agents, you’ve come to the right place.

Will 2020 bring new and disruptive real estate tools and software that we’ve all been waiting for?

Here’s our top 5 real estate broker software that you should be using!

Best Real Estate Broker Software

5. Showing Time

Showing time is a great broker software that can help with showings. They provide showing management tools that enhance your agent’s productivity. You can quickly schedule & confirm showings, provide better customer service, and it also has tools for the tech-savvy agent.

Showing time also helps you visualize your market with custom MarketStats reports. This lets you compare housing trends for specific areas, share market snapshots on your website and with sellers, they even let your brand and promote yourself on the reports.

Generate showing requests with lead management tools with Showing Time.

4. Brokermint

Every brokerage needs that back-office management software. There is much software to choose from and many of them can help your brokerage run successfully. For our shortlist, we are placing Brokermint as our back-office management.

Brokermint helps you automate operations so you can concentrate on going from contract to closing. Their main features include transaction management, commission tracking, agent management, reports & analytics.

Each account is equipt to be white-labeled with your branding to showcase your brand, color scheme, logo and much more through an intuitive and smart back office management system. Brokermint also allows you to integrate with many popular softwares such as DocuSign, BoomTown, CRM’s and much more!

3. Matterport

If you’re looking for a real estate broker software to separate you from other brokerages, matterport might be what you’re looking for. With matterport, you can capture 3D listings with ease. Using their special 3D camera, you can scan a whole house, upload it to the matterport software and watch as it stitches a 3D rendering together.

You can create an interactive 3D model with a push of a button, then share it across any device. Your photos are HDR quality photos that are perfect for print and your MLS photos online. You’re able to easily and hastily produce high-quality scale drawings directly from a 3D model after a scan.

2. OHGuests

Empower your Agents to Simplify & Automate their open house Lead Generation with The Most Powerful Open House Management Platform in the Industry. OHGuests helps agents capture leads at their open house, securely and easily. With 1-click follow up emails to all of your open house guests.

OHGuests is a very powerful real estate broker software that helps manage your agents and their open houses. With broker view, you can assign, and move agents into open houses, while also making sure they are following up with their leads.

You can also help protect your agents with OHGuests because it has a built-in feature that with one click of a button in the app, it will send out a distress signal to up to 5 emergency contacts. They will also receive a notification to call you ASAP and it will also send them an 8-second voice recording as soon as the button is clicked.

1. Canva Pro

Canva is great if you don’t have a designer or marketing person on staff. They make it very easy to create graphics, flyers, and social media images with a few clicks of a button even if you have zero design skills.

With Pro, you can share your templates with your brokerage and agents. Set your branding standards, choose from thousands of pre-made templates and stock photos.

In Conclusion

Do you need this specific software to become successful? No, but these things will help. There are many other real estate software out there, and we will continue to show you the ones that might help your business.