Top 8 Safety Tips For Open Houses

Open House: Safety First

The hustle and bustle of the real estate industry can be quite hectic and sometimes overwhelming.  Combined with everything else that agents have going on in their lives it is completely understandable that they often forget about such important things such as their own safety and security. When you’re rushing to get everything ready to host a successful open house, the last thing on your mind is keeping yourself safe in case something dangerous were to ever occur. In fact, who would even imagine that such a thing could occur?

In our discussions with real estate professionals from around the country, many agents have told us that they are more and more concerned about their safety and they want to know how they can protect themselves. The recent frightening attack on a Los Angeles real estate agent emphasizes the need for a solution open house attack.

OHGuests has decided to do something about this. We created SafetyAssure® so that all agents who use our platform have a safety alert to notify friends or colleagues in times of danger.

We believe that all real estate agents should be safe which is why SafetyAssure® is FREE to all agents who utilize OHGuests. SafetyAssure® is FREE on all of our plans, from our no-fee buyers agent plan to our agent elite plan.

Here are our 8 Safety Tips for Safe Open Houses:

  1. Use the SafetyAssure® feature within the OHGuests platform. Using the alert button will notify up to 5 emergency contacts of your location and the address of your open house. If you press the panic button, an 8-second recording will also be transmitted.
  2. Work in pairs. If possible, have one other person working at the open house with you, whether it’s a colleague or a personal friend.
  3. Arrive early and look for possible escape routes. Unlock any doors that could function as a possible fast escape route.
  4. Walk-behind all prospects. You don’t want to be in front of your guests, so let them lead and leave some distance between your guests and yourself.
  5. Don’t enter one-way rooms with no escapes. These will most likely be attics, basements, or small rooms. You don’t want to get trapped in one of those rooms.
  6. Keep a mental headcount of who came in and who left. And don’t assume that everyone has left when you are closing up. Always be aware and ready for anything.
  7. Have your phone or your tablet in your hands or near you, at all times.
  8. If you’re comfortable with it, bring pepper spray.


It’s very rare that anything does happen, and we hope nothing ever does happen to you or your colleagues. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t always proceed with caution or ignore your own safety. We hope you never have to use SafetyAssure®. Nonetheless, we are happy to have built this extra security feature to protect all agents.

Now get out there and sell some houses!