We're on the 'Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate' Podcast 2

We’re on the ‘Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate’ Podcast

We had a blast discussing many topics about real estate on the “Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate” Podcast with Leigh Brown. Listen in and learn more about where Ron and the idea of OHGuests began.

Is your open house sign-in sheet information safe?

Ron Schurr, a software guy turned real estate agent discovered quickly that his open house sign-in sheet, with leads and potential client information, wasn’t safe. He learned that the traditional pen and paper sign-in sheets are vulnerable to rogue agents who can use a cell phone camera to take a picture and steal your information.

No Sketchy Social Profiling

Most home buyers sign-in to an open house when searching for a home get more than they bargained for. Most are not aware that some digital sign-in sheets capture their information and without the consumers consent will profile your social media accounts.

That’s where OHGuests comes in. OHGuests will never profile your social media accounts and is built to keep your information private and secure.

An Agents Best Friend

OHGuests is the most powerful open house management platform and is the first to the market with a safety feature that allows agents to alert up to 5 contacts if they feel at risk and it will send their Geolocation as well as an 8-second recording which starts as soon as you activate the panic button.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

01:00 – Introducing Ron; he previously worked in software sales and got into real estate in 2000
02:30 – 60,000 agents came in at the same time, they were taught not to trust each other at that time
03:35 – On distrust in the industry
03:55 – A leader told new agents not to trust each other, which probably perpetuated competition and distrust that didn’t need to be there in the first place
04:45 – An old colleague of Ron’s took one of his clients; they had to backtrack and prove he had first contact at a time before cell phones
05:50 – Technology over paper
06:25 – Why people don’t sign in at an open house: Agents don’t ask, consumers don’t want nosey neighbors, there are looky-loo’s, and there are rogue agents
10:00 – The benefits of digital signing
10:05 – There are digital platforms that capture sign-ins without risking and sharing the consumers information
10:45 – There’s a gray area when it comes to collecting consumer data and there are negatives and positives to the consumer when they release their information
14:30 – Open house concerns
15:10 – Men can also be targeted; be aware and safe
15:55 – Ron’s software: OHGuests
16:08 – It is the most powerful open house management platform and they’re the first to market with a safety feature that allows the agents to alert people if they feel at-risk
16:40 – They have many security features and other beneficial tools
18:25 – Visit www.ohguests.com to learn more or email Ron at ronnie@ohguests.com

3 Key Points

Hold yourself and others accountable.
Go digital but be respectful with consumer data.
Sign ins are important at open houses – but always ask how the information is being used.

Thank you again to Leigh Brown and the crew at Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate!
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