What is the best Open House app? 2

What is the best Open House app?

OHGuests.com is more than an open house sign in app.

Real Estate is one of the oldest industries of all time, but with newer advanced technologies created every year, the industry has been disrupted many times within just the last couple of years. Agents want the newest and hottest technology that will help them grow and make their business more efficient.  

 OHGuests is the new kid on the block, but could all these features be the open house industry disrupter?

 OHGuests is more than just a sign in sheet, it’s an open house management platform. OHGuests has way too many features to list all of them, but it’s the only platform built to seamlessly manage your leads for agents, team leaders, or brokers. It’s easily customizable to match your companies branding so when open house goers come through your open house you can show off your brand through the sign in page. OHGuests was purpose-built from the ground up that provides Agents and Brokers a clear, concise and organized solution to maximize and secure their leads through innovative paperless technology.

 OHGuests has the most robust platform, and it’s also the most affordable open house app. Starting with a Free 7 day trial, you can quickly set up an account and get the basic features for only $4.99 a month. Buyer Agents can sign up for FREE as well!