What to do next with your Open House Leads 2

What to do next with your Open House Leads

You just held an open house that received raving reviews from all of your attendees. You had them all sign-in on your iPad through OHGuest’s Open House platform. You struck up some great conversations with many of your guests and were able to quickly jot them down in the notes section. Now, what do you do with all of those lead opportunities?

Thank You Follow-Up Email

First things first, send a thank you email to all of your attendees with a click of a button in your OHGuests platform. OHGuests has a pre-written email template but also has the ability to be customized to your preference.


After you have sent the follow-up email and have completed your open house, you can export your leads. Like our slogan, “Your Guests. Your Leads. ™” We don’t own your leads, you do. Once you have exported your leads, you can then import your leads into your CRM. You may need to adjust some of the headers depending on which CRM you are using. If you don’t have a CRM yet, we highly recommend using one as it will be the backbone of your business. There are many free or budget-friendly solutions if you’re just starting out, and many brokers provide their agents with one as well. Remember, the best CRM is the CRM you use. Integrations coming very soon.

What to do next with your Open House Leads 3

Email Drip Campaigns

Now that your leads have been successfully imported into your CRM, you can now set them up on email drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are great because they can be set to automatically email your leads on certain days depending on the campaign setting or triggers. Some drips can automatically schedule a reminder for you to call someone as well.

Drip campaigns are a great way of keeping in contact with potential clients and have been proven to increase lead conversion rates by at least 20%.

Follow up phone calls or texts.

Should you call or text? It all depends on the person. Many people would rather receive texts so they can respond to you on their own time and it decreases the chance that you disturb them. But that does not mean you should never call, especially if speaking on the phone is one of your strong points. Follow up with your guests a couple of days after you send your thank you email just to remind them that you’re around if they have any questions.